Anger Management Group Overview (Adult and Teen)

Anger Management Group Overview

 This combined approach presents the participants with options that draw on these different interventions and then encourages them to develop individualized anger control plans using as many of the techniques as possible. The anger management treatment should be delivered in a group setting. The ideal number of participants in a group is 8, but groups can range from 5 to 10 members.

Session 1 Overview of Group Anger Management Treatment

Session 2 Events and Cues: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Anger

Session 3 Anger Control Plans: Helping Group Members Develop a Plan for Controlling Anger

Session 4 The Aggression Cycle: How To Change the Cycle

Session 5 Cognitive Restructuring: The A-B-C-D Model and Thought Stopping

Session 6 Review  Session #1: Reinforcing Learned Concepts

Sessions 7, 8 Assertiveness Training and the Conflict Resolution Model: Alternatives for Expressing Anger

Sessions 9, 10 Anger and the Family: How Past Learning Can Influence Present Behavior

Session 11 Review Session #2: Reinforcing Learned Concepts

Session 12 Closing and Graduation: Closing Exercise and Awarding of Certificates